Can you imagine an idea so crazy it is ignored, rejected and ridiculed yet inspires an international following after six years?

Garage Spacemen

The attempt is more significant than the outcome

THE INCREDIBLE TRUE story about a Singaporean maverick scientist and his team behind the World’s first volunteer-driven mission to send a man to space in a garage spacecraft.

Based on a true story. Lem was one of the nine volunteers who assisted the maiden launch on 31 May 2019. The screenplay is currently in development.

GoSpace Campaign Video

Innovation is not an eureka moment but a long arduous journey

IN 2018, I came onboard the GoSpace project in the dual role of filmmaker with an exclusive on this story as well as story strategist on the GoSpace media team.

Working pro bono in the latter capacity, we created the following trailer to build awareness of the launch on 15 May 2018.

Unfortunately, the launch in Alice Springs was canceled due to adverse weather conditions.

Rebels & Patriots

Innovation is by nature non-conforming

IN 2019, ANTICIPATING the launch on 26 April 2019, we created the following video to reach out to our intended audience - Rebels & Patriots.

Current rebels include pilots, makers, inventors, entrepreneurs, TED organizers and artists. Potential rebels are risk-takers who associate themselves with our ideals.

Patriots love their country. They want to see it thrive. To thrive is to evolve. To evolve, a nation must persevere. To persevere, the individual must take initiative.

The GoSpace project is not just about bringing a man in a capsule to the sky and back to Earth. That is purely an engineering feat. That is the external problem. The what. The GoSpace project is also about the need for Singaporeans to evolve. This is the internal problem. The why.

People don’t buy our what if they haven’t got a clue our why.